ofuro japanese tub is ideal for soaking and well being. A wooden hinoki hot tub is the next best thing to relaxing in an onsen.

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It also happened to St. Paul...
We come here to convert Japan to western architecture and were conquered by the beauty of this country, its splendid history and traditions.
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As a mission, we feel the need of communicating this lifestyle to our fellow westerners. We started this page almost as a joke and become the largest exporter of hinoki hot tubs made in Japan.
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We hope also you can find here what you are looking for.
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Thank you for your interest in our japanese products. My name is Iacopo Torrini, I am an italian architect living in Japan for over 16 years. I am enthusiastic about traditional japanese architecture, its elegance, its complex simplicity, its symbiosis with nature. You can find more information about me and my work in the about us page. This "japanese hot tub" site is specialized in the design, coordination, production and distribution of custom order soaking bathtubs made of japanese hinoki wood. Well, when we say "ofuro" or "hot tub", we mean the same thing, as the pure enjoyment of relaxing and soothing hot water is a universal value and should go beyond exotic wording and labeling. If you want to know more about the healthy and rejuvanating habit of soaking in aromatic hot water - japanese style - check out wikipedia at the definition of Furo. Ofuro stands actually for "bathtub", even if in generally when it is used in english the definition narrows to mean deep hot tub for soaking (when you enter in the bath the hot water reaches the shoulders) made of wood or other material (FRP, stainless, concrete etc.). This should not be confused with a onsen, which is a natural hot spring with mineral and therapeutic properties. Anyway, check the different sections of our site for all the information you need on purchase and installation of japanese hot tub spas. You can find out how the hot tubs are produced, the traditional japanese carpentry details, information about the properties of hinoki and other natural materials. We also recommend to check our blog for misc news ranging from japanese onsen to the process of actually building a wooden spa. You should not miss the hot tub outlet section for economic yet original handmade hinoki hot tubs. While looking for an inspiration for your hottub, please browse the section about custom hot tub spa with tens of examples. If you are in a hurry and know what you want, go ahead and jump to our shop. If you have a question not answered in the japanese hot tub FAQS, feel free to mail us. Enjoy your dip with us!

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