add 4-5 drops of hinoki essential oil to the hot water to have the most rejuvenating bath you ever had!

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instant onsen experience


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Onsen is the japanese hot spring. Bathing in a Japanese wooden tub is a life changing experience.
It is relaxing and stimulating at the same time, stress relieving, it even alleviates skin and respiratory problems. Are you dreaming of owning a Japanese bathtub but do not have the space or the money?
We recommend you to try few drops of hinoki wood essential oil in your acrylic or porcelain enamel coated bathtub.
It is not the same thing but it is close enough to the feeling of soaking in a real onsen, additionally you can enjoy the same curative effects!

1) healthy bath:. add 3-5 drops to hot water before bathing.
1") alternatively, pour few drops on hinoki balls (sold separately) and place them in the hot water.
2) aromatherapy: use with your preferred diffuser.
3) disinfectant: dissolve 10 drops in a liter of water to wash hands or a scar.
4) skin treatment: It may be applied directly on skin. We recommend to try first in a small area and verify any allergic reaction. Stop direct application and consult with your doctor in case of allergic reaction.



We also offer hinoki wood balls which have aromatic properties.
If you place them in hot water, you will enjoy even more the delicate aroma.
They are also very light-weighted and warm and it is very pleasant to grasp them and hold in the hand for relaxation/rehabilitation. The size is 44mm (baby safe as they cannot be swallowed) and the package consists of 3 balls in a kimono fabric pouch. We have 4 colors available. The pouches are fully reversible so you can actually choose between 8 colors.


If you want to experience an aromatic bath, you would need at least 10 to 20 balls...
For this reason we recommend to combine the use of aroma balls and aroma oil.
We created a kit called "pocket onsen" which consists of a pouch with the aroma orbs and one bottle of aroma oil, nicely packaged in a wooden box.
Please find more information in the section about aroma oils.
USAGE: just place few drops of hinoki oil on the wooden balls and put in the water. You will feel like you are in some ancient japanese bathhouse enjoying your bath ritual!

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