image gallery of some ofuro we delivered allover the world

  • custom tubs:

  • Here is a photo gallery with some examples of custom tubs we built. Use this reference to get some ideas about the shapes and sizes. Contact us for a quotation. Of course we can ship worldwide.

    Custom kado-maru for Singapore

    An architect from Singapore contacted us for this project.
    It is a nice kado-maru model with custom sizes and internal seat.

    The order process was very smooth. For the shipping, we proposed to use DHL as the new services price-list is very competitive and allows us to use a cardboard for the packaging, thus saving additionally on the shipping costs altogether.

    The main note about this tub is that the client absolutely wanted it in hinoki wood, although usually we employ sawara for this type of barrel construction models.
    Sawara is easier to work in curved elements and the bands make a better grip into the softer wood, but ... we will make that extra step if we can satisfy the client`s wishes!

    Here are the specs:
    Model/material: Japanese Knotless Hinoki "Oke" bathtub
    Sizes: L1100mm x W630mm x 740mm (620mm deep)
    Options: Hinoki wood internal seat W400mm
    Accessories: Hinoki wood step stool W400mm x D320mm x H300mm



    Knotty tub for Germany

    I have been contacted in 2014 for the tub for a new construction house.
    The client is an architect who is building her own house and as a professional she had a perfect understanding of the material, site preparation (gradients, waterproofing) and details.

    She choose the oil finish for the apron and was concerned that the difference of color may not look good, so she considered having the front face of the tub treated with natural oil as well. It is a very good insight, but finally we went on with our standard detail for two reasons:

    1) if we were to apply the oil on the front side, to keep the system balanced and prevent internal stresses/distorions, we would have to treat the 4 sides.
    This should be relatively safe, but to be honest, we never did until now and would prefer to apply the oil only on the cross section of the bottom plank.

    2) The bottom plank cross section looks of a darker color when treated with oil. But this is mainly an effect due to the camera lenses. It is not so evident in reality

    The tub uses beautiful knotty planks with their natural pattern.
    Here are the specs:
    Material: Japanese Hinoki wood K grade (knotty)
    Sizes: L1300mm x W750mm x 660mm (550mm deep)
    Features: Natural oil finish, Wooden dowels, Iron brand at front top-right



    8 tubs on the roof

    Well, there are some moments in life that make you feel proud.
    I could not contain my emotions when I saw the pictures of the tubs on the roof top overlooking the ocean...

    The carpenters went on site to verify that the tubs were installed properly and that the maintenance instructions were implemented correctly.
    Too bad I could not make it... but I will definitely go when the project is 100% completed to enjoy the view ... and the hot water!

    Each tub is comfortable for 6 people.
    Material: japanese knotless sawara wood.
    Size: Dia 2000mm x H730mm (600mm deep)
    Option: internal seat

    Each tub is equipped with a step-bench in asnaro wood W600 D320 H300mm
    and a floor mounted Spout in asnaro wood (E type)


    stress relieving tub for Minneapolis


    This minimal tub is dedicated to a very kind client and her family of Japan lovers.
    Apparently, she and her husband have stressful jobs and commute for more than 2 hours everyday.
    They recently made a trip to Japan: "We felt physically, mentally and emotionally so much better after soaking every day while in Japan.
    We very much want to improve our lives by doing this at home - to be surrounded by your natural and beautiful wood and aroma."

    The tub specs are as follows:
    internal dimensions: Dia 767 x Depth 630mm
    external dimensions: Dia817 x H740mm


    As per the client`s request, here are some photos of the tub being constructed with passion and dedication.
    The individual planks are cut and planed. Then, they are assembled in an approximate shape, pulled together and finished to create a perfect barrel.

    A craftsman used to build rectangular tubs would not succeed in creating a round one: you need maybe less precision but more sense of balance.
    Actually he keeps saying: do not trust the measure tape, trust your feelings!



    Sushi counter for HK

    Well, it looks like the edge of a huge bathtub but it is actually a sushi counter!
    The wooden blocks of laminated hinoki wood are covered by a 7mm layer of solid quarter sawn thick veneer so it looks like solid lumber without the cracking and deformation problems that solid wood would have.
    Besides, a trunk of such a dimension that can show straight grain on 2 sides probably exists only within the walls of the famous Ise Jingu Shrine...
    Very close to the hinoki trees of Ise Jingu, we were very lucky to find a quarter sawn lumber more than 7 meters long. This way we could make the full length with the same plank: it means that the wood veins run seamlessly from one end to the other.
    For the shipping and assembly we split the counter in sections.
    After joining together the blocks, the counter will be treated with kihada ichiban, a full penetration water repellent. This product is based on the nano technology and (for reference imagine the Goretex fiber used for trekking and outdoors wear) prevents the large H2O molecules to penetrate inside while letting out the aroma and lets the wood breathe.


    8 tubs for HK restaurant

    Until now most of our production was directed to end users, anyway recently more Bartok ofuros are installed in commercial projects.

    This time a restaurant in Honk Kong will employ 8 large round tubs (each seats 6 people).
    We dealt with the architecture office in charge of the design and the order process was smooth and carried out with professionalism.


    The view of our warehouse in these days is really surreal...
    We completed the first lot of 4 which will be shipped in a container.
    The second lot is due to be delivered in august.


    Here are the specs:
    * material: japanese knotless sawara wood round shape bathtub
    * size: Dia 2000mm x H730mm (600mm deep)
    * details: SUS metal straps. Internal bench. Iron brand at center top.

    Next time I go to Hong Kong I will definitely want the experience!


    tub on a platform for london

    This project took about one month from initial inquiry to shipping.
    On the other hand the communication back and forth was very efficient considering that at least 50 mails (considering question and replies) were exchanged to fine tune the order.

    The site has a drain pipe sticking out of the floor, so the client considered building a duckboard to raise the floor and use it as a base for the tub.
    In the end we decided to send the material and have the local carpenter building the deck. This way the dimensions can be customized to perfectly match the site, at the same time as the spare lumber can fit inside the tub during the transportation, we could drastically cut on the shipping cost.


    And here are the specs of the tub:

    - Material: straight hinoki, AB grade
    - Size: 1100L x 700W x 720mm H
    - Top frame: plank edge, T joint @ corners
    - Details: wooden dowels, copper apron
    - Overflow: western style drain + vinyl hose


    Actually, at some point the client planned to use a western style overflow.
    Since western style tubs are made with an acryl or frp shell about 6mm thick, an adapter is needed in case it is applied to a wooden tub with a wall thickness of 33mm or more.
    The client seemed to find a solution but it did not give enough guarantees so we opted for our japanese overflow. It comes with a flexible pipe so it can easily adapt to the site condition.



    slow life on the express lane

    Well, it is not the best title I could come up with, but with some explanation, I hope you get what I want to say.

    This is probably the fastest order we fulfilled until now.
    The client contacted us on march 4th by email: "How fast could I get it to Montana in the United States? I would like to purchase it as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!"
    On march 31 the tub arrived to destination. In these cases we recommend payment with Paypal.


    The tub is a Kadomaru model 930mm x 630mm size tub.
    The order includes also a wall mounted wooden spout.


    Recently we made an agreement with DHL and in case of the "Kadomaru" the shipping service becomes very rapid and reasonable.
    Other advantages are that we can use a cardboard box (cost redution) and DHL picks up at our warehouse so we do not incut in any additional cost for delivering to the airport.
    Feel free to contact us for more information!


    sassy tub for Singapore

    This was a very rapid and smooth order.
    It took exactly 29 days from the first information request to the submission of the complete ofuro pictures. To be precise, 15 days for the quotation, modifications, details fine tuning, confirmation and 14 days for the production!


    It is a neat and stilish knotless bathtub with the following specifications:
    material: japanese knotless asnaro wood rectangular bathtub - T joints
    sizes: L1000mm x W700mm x H700mm (590mm deep)
    details: natural oil apron, wooden dowels @ joints. Iron brand at front right
    options: overflow top cut, ball-type drain plug


    Here in the picture below, you can see the in action our smart and sassy "ball type rubber plug". It comes for few extra bucks but it is worth it, especially for a tub with elegant proportions such as this one!



    Knotty tub for swiss architect

    As mentioned in the title, a swiss young architecture office ordered this ofuro.
    Their design is very clean and they pay great attention to the texture and coordination of few, accurately chosen materials. We feel honored that they chose a Bartok design tub for their new project!

    The pattern of the knots is random as the carpenter has to give precedence to the orientation of the grain and width of the planks when selecting the material.
    From this point of view, even more than straight wood tubs, a knotty hinoki ofuro is unique and unrepeatable.


    Here are some of the main details:
    material: japanese knotty hinoki wood rectangular bathtub - L joints
    size: L1200mm x W750mm x H700mm (ext. dim.) 580mm (deep)
    details: copper apron, wooden dowels @ joints. Iron brand at back left

    Another point that can be mentioned for future reference is that even if the site is in Basel,
    it was more convenient to ship the tub thru Geneve rather than thru Zurich (air freight).

    I am looking forward to seeing it in its new home!

    csm_005_03-_c_jka_963e5624d8.jpgFor those interested in building or renovating a house with stunning design, here are the contact information of the Swiss architect:

    Jaeger Koechlin Architekten ETH SIA
    Zwingerstrasse 12 | CH-4053 Basel
    T: +41 61 683 21 21 F: +41 61 683 21 22


    another tub for Paris


    Well, the problem of this tub is that it is so large that it doesn`t fit in the viewfinder!
    We received a second order from the Parisian architect and cabinet maker we worked with in 2009. He contacted us because he is now designing another japanese style bathroom.
    I am looking forward to seeing this new work as he is a master in matching stunning design with traditional sensitivity.


    We could not find a single trunk for the top border as in 2009. We though we found one suitable lumber but it was faulty in the inner part.
    In the end we opted for a hagi-zai kamachi (2 thick planks laminated side by side) giving priority to the quality and clarity of the grain.

    Here are the specs of the ofuro:

    material: Knotless asnaro wood bathtub top border wide kamachi
    size: L1800mm x W1600mm x H538mm (int. dim.) - 625 mm high
    details: nat. oil apron, wood dowels @ joints. Iron brand at front top-right
    options: Asnaro wood internal seat W400mm
    accessories: Asnaro wood floor mounted spout


    If you are interested in contacting the architect in Paris A.K. please let me know.


    larger tub ... for Seattle

    Last year we made a tub for a client in Washington state.
    In january, we received a kind mail saying that they were getting back in touch to order a larger tub.
    "I love the original tub that I ordered last year, but it is too small for two tall adults! I am now embarking on building a small tub pavilion and will install a larger tub inside. I have attached drawings here so you can review them. I am excited to create the space to hold one of your beautiful tubs!"

    I think that an ofuro is not a typical product for repeaters and we were really pleased and honored to receive a second order.


    The new tub is really gorgeous and I think I would give my right arm to be able to see the pavilion in which it will be installed!


    We made the client wait 60 days because we had several orders and we have only one craftsman (Mr. Wada) able to deal with such a large tub.
    It takes him about 15 days to laminate and assemble one tub and it took him 3 full weeks for this one.


    The bench will be assembled on site, so we are including the pre-cut material and metal fittings.

    Here below are the specs of the tub:

    material: Knotless asnaro wood
    sizes: L1600mm x W1422mm x H762mm (ext. dim.) 660mm(deep)
    details: copper apron, wood dowels @ joints. Iron brand at front top-right
    - Hinoki wood int. seat W400mm w/ material for guides (unmounted)
    - Asnaro wood traditional cover 1442x228x21 (7pcs)
    - Asnaro wood floor mounted spout type E (without faucet)
    - complementary Hygrometer


    adjustable seat hinoki tub

    This gorgeous tub was commissioned by an upstate NY architect for his client.
    The design process went along for few months and at some point the client also considered using some shoji screens for the project.

    Here are some details:

    - japanese Knotless hinoki wood bathtub w/ L-joints (thick planks)
    - sizes: L1375mm x W750mm x H686mm (int. dim.) - 615 mm deep
    - natural oil apron, small dowels @ joints. Iron brand at front top-right
    - Hinoki wood internal seat D400mm with additional set of guides
    - Hinoki wood traditional cover 870x210x18 (7pcs)
    - Hinoki wood bench 609 x 450 x 648H
    - Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)
    - Sawara large bucket (225D 120H)
    - Asnaro minimalist stool (330 x 220 x 300H)
    - Hygrometer (complimentary)


    As mentioned in the title, this is our first "removable seat" with the opportunity to be positioned lower or higher.


    We supplied also a normal bath stool together with a higher custom bench which can be used for entering the tub from a sitting position. Very convenient for users of wheelchairs.

    With this order we can confirm the recent trend in shipping fees: airfreight is cheaper than ocean freight in more and more occasions. On the top, time consuming Importer Security Filing is not necessary for airfreight so keep it in mind if you plan to purchase a bathtub from Japan...

    my carpenter scolded me because the top picture is too cramped and the nice front and proportions of the tub cannot be seen...
    He is right. This tub deserves a clean head shot. Enjoy!



    square tub for Singapore

    We have been corresponding with the architect for about 2 months, arranging all the details to make it fit nicely on site.
    Between Christmas and New year, we completed this well proportioned square hinoki tub and extra thin sunoko floor grating.



    Here are the specs for the tub:
    * material: Hinoki wood AB grade tub (quatersawn)
    * sizes: L900mm x W900mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 640mm(deep)
    * details: oil finish apron, wood dowels joints. Iron brand at front top-right
    * options: Hinoki wood internal seat W300mm
    * accessories:
    - Hinoki wood traditional cover 920x225x18 (4pcs)
    - Hinoki wood "Sunoko" floor grate panel 900x900xH55 (split in 2)
    - Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)



    I hope the client will enjoy this corner of authentic japan in his bathroom!


    chopping table for famous chef

    Well, this is not a tub but being a custom woodwork, I decided to add it to this section.
    We made a chopping table for a famous chef, with a solid hinoki chopping board.

    At first we considered the shipping cost and found out that the normal shipping would cost as much as the table itself...
    So we decided to make it "knock down" so it could be shipped by EMS air mail.
    Of course the client had to assemble it but we prepared all the joints so no screws are necessary (only glue).
    This way we could keep the cost within the price range of an american end-grain chopping table.



    as the board itself needs to be removed for washing, we supplied a silicon mat to be cut to size and placed between the top frame and the cutting board. The mat becomes sticky when compressed, so it holds the board in place preventing it to slide.
    Also, it absorbs the vibrations hence the sound made when chopping or cutting.


    to the left is the sketch of the chopping table
    to the right is the picture that the client kindly sent us!

    Here are the specs of the table:
    * Hinoki wood stand 540x450x745H with urethane finish
    (Assembling on site with use of bond.)
    (this stand would be without middle shelf to make the assembly easier)
    * Packaging (reinforced cardboard box)
    * Shipment by EMS

    Here below are some cutting boards you can choose. Which one do you like?

    here are the indicative costs (keep in mind that solid hinoki cost may vary like a commodity so we cannot guarantee on these prices)
    kiso hinoki
    140101.  430mm L x 118mm x 300mm(quarter sawn) ¥84,000 plane finished
    140102.  580mm L x 108mm x 380mm(quarter sawn) ¥98,000 plane finished
    130742.  710mm L x 72mm x 370mm(plank cut) ¥35,000 plane finished
    130703.  650mm L x 90mm x 580mm(plank cut) ¥48,000 plane finished


    twin tubs for malaysia

    Here are two squarish hinoki bathtubs ordered thru an architecture office in Malaysia.
    They will be installed is similar condo units, behind a large glass partition separating the toilet/lavatory area from the large shower/bath area.

    The thin kamachi border we used in this case has the advantage that it can be grabbed easily when entering and especially egressing the tub


    Here are the specs for the tubs;
    * japanese Knotless hinoki wood bathtub
    * sizes: L1100mm x W1000mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 640mm(deep)
    * details: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right
    * option: overflow socket with flexible pipe, internal seat W350mm
    * accessories: Hinoki wood wall mounted spout A

    The side behind the bench is slightly slanted.


    to the left: the back of the tub with western type overflow socket.
    to the right: overflow with flexible pipe installed. It should be faced towards a wall or enclosed in a ledge. (Often, clients provide their one metal pipe and leave it exposed)



    ofuro in green Canada

    It took us only 8 mails to submit the quotation, answer to the precise questions of the client and adjust the order details!

    Unfortunately we had many tubs in construction and there was no space to take good pictures.
    We hope to be able to publish here the site pics once installed.


    here are some details about the order:
    * japanese Knotless asnaro wood bathtub (42mm thick planks)
    * sizes: L1525mm x W736mm x H650mm (ext. dim.) 550mm(deep)
    * details: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front&back top-right
    * options: ball-type drain plug


    * Asnaro wood traditional cover 756x217x18 (7pcs)
    * Hinoki wood traditional stool (300x180x200H)
    * Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)
    * Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)
    * 100ml Asnaro-Hiba Oil bottle
    * Sawara wood foot bath (430x270H)


    Hinoki planks (AB grade) for floor grate panel w/hydrorepellent
    a) L2000mm x W93mm x t15mm with anti-warping slits


    We also added the answers to the client`s questions to our faq section.
    I hope it can be of reference to you as well: >>>

    This is the site view with a large corner window opening on the green garden.
    It reminds me of a saying of Cicero: Si apud bibliothecam hortulum habes nihil deerit.

    translated: if next to your study you have a small garden, there is nothing else you need.
    Well, I wonder what Cicero would have said if he knew about japanese ofuros...!


    Apollonian tub for Australia

    Maybe it is difficult to guess from the pictures of the products below, the tub will be installed freestanding and visible on the four sides in the center of the room.
    There will be "sunoko" floor grating all around and covering the floor of an adjoining terrace. There is a window behind the tub so it is possible to look out at the hillside while taking a bath!
    At the same time, the light coming from behind the tub exalting the Apollonian beauty and proportion of the whole interior.

    I hope the client will concede some pictures to be posted here!


    Here are some data about the tub:
    * japanese Knotless hinoki wood bathtub
    * thick planks (42mm) - without top border frame
    * L1500mm x W750mm x H680mm (550 mm deep)
    * T joint corners, wooden dowels, copper apron. Iron brand at front top-right


    accessories and options:
    * Hinoki wood internal seat W400mm (removable)
    * Hinoki wood floor mounted spout type E
    * Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)
    * Sawara large bucket(225D 120H)
    * Hinoki wood - traditional design - stool (300x180x200H)
    * Asnaro soap box (175x115x48H)
    * Pocket onsen bath aroma set - "special reserve" type (green pouch)

    In this case we were asked to supply a simple tap already mounted inside the spout box.


    For your reference, download the file below to see the main two methods used to install and feed a wooden spout. >>>141009-spout-plumbing.pdf

    photo of internal seat: slide it out to remove


    material for the duckboards:
    * Hinoki planks for deck (plank cut, high quality, knotless) w/ hydrorepellent treatment, planned finish, chamfer corner
    a) L2700mm(2655) x W110mm x t18mm
    b) L1100mm(1010) x W110mm x t18mm

    to the right are the buckets, stool and other accessories (the "pocket onsen" is not in the photo)



    asnaro tub for a nice couple in CA

    This tub will be delivered to the home of a mixed couple (Japanese and American).
    I am wondering who first thought of installing a japanese bathtub at home: the husband or the wife?


    The order consists of a knotless asnaro tub with sizes:
    L1360mm x W750mm x H730mm (ext. dim.) 645mm(deep)
    and with a top frame "kamachi" border of 55xH120 cm
    Details include a copper apron and wooden dowels for the corner joints.


    And one asnaro wood "Sunoko" floor grate panel 1400 x 1840 x H55mm It is split is 4 panels 460mm wide for an easy maintenance/cleaning of the floor underneath.


    From now on, we will include with our bathtubs a complimentary hygrometer.
    We recommend to keep it in the bathroom and be sure that the humidity is above 55-60%.
    If the environment is very dry, and the tub is seldom used there is the chance that the wood may crack, so keep an eye on the hygrometer!



    asnaro tub for a Singapore terrace house

    The client is renovating a two-story terrace house in Singapore and choose a japanese wooden bathtub for himself and his family.
    We hope they can enjoy it everyday!

    The tub has copper plates joints both at the front and back (option.)

    Here are the main specs:
    material: knotless asnaro wood (AB grade)
    sizes: L1180mm x W750mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
    details: copper apron, copper plate joints. Iron brand at front top-right.
    options: removable internal seat (W350mm)
    accessories: Asnaro wood wall mounted spout A


    The drain fitting is not installed and we supplied it separately.
    (standard-long type socket / rubber plug)


    The spout can be opened easily for maintenance and cleaning.



    fashionable hinoki in London

    We made this beautiful hinoki tub for a famous fashion designer.


    The shape is very minimal, with L shaped corners. The wood is natural look knotty hinoki.
    And here comes the stroke of genius of the architect: they supplied a polished brass drain plug. As you can see, the result is refined and bold, transgressive and classical at the same time.



    For an easier installation, we recessed the socket nut on the back of the tub to leave the threaded section as long as possible.

    We also supplied a coupling ring to connect it to the drain pipe on site.

    Here are the tub main information:
    material: japanese Knotty (plank cut) Kiso Hinoki wood bathtub
    size: L1400mm x W750mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
    details: 42mm thick boards, wooden dowels, apron w/ natural oil finish.
    The ofuro is equipped with custom step stool in knotless hinoki wood, 450 x 220 x 400H


    The architect also asked us to apply the iron brand on the bottom. He wanted to keep the look as minimal as possible, but the brand is important, even if it is not visible.

    We also supplied a custom stool, with a cut on top for an easier grab and to drain the left over water.


    round tub for Long Island

    This barrel type bathtub is so bold and well proportioned. I am dying to see the pictures of the actual installation! IMGP7338.JPG The ordering process was very smooth. We sent some wood samples for approval and the architect was happy with the "sawara cypress" refined tanned look. Anyway this wood is not suitable to build a duckboard, so the local carpenter will provide for it.

    This tub is deeper than normal as the client is very tall.
    Here are the specs:
    material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Sawara cypress wood bathtub
    size: Dia 1220mm x H958mm (external dimensions), 838mm(deep)
    details: barrel construction, stainless steel bands.
    The ofuro is equipped with an internal bench around half of the perimeter.

    IMGP7340.JPG The bench is also useful an aid to step inside.


    ofuro for london artist

    We had the privilege to build this ofuro for a famous London based artist.
    The tub is in asnaro wood and has a high base to conceal the drain.


    The ofuro is equipped with a removable internal seat.


    Here are the specs:

    material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Asnaro wood bathtub

    sizes: L1500mm x W750mm x H850mm (ext. dim.) 735mm(deep)

    details: T-shape corner, wooden dowels, no top frame (t42mm planks) - sloped bottom
    natural oil apron, Iron brand at front top-right

    accessories include an Asnaro wood traditional cover 770x214x18 (7pcs) and Hinoki traditional stool (300x180x200H)



    cover for acrylic bathtub

    We received the request from a japan lover who previously purchased from us some bath accessories to produce a cover to match his acrylic bathtub.


    The client supplied us a paper template and we could produce the matching tub split in 3 sections.


    The cover can be flipped over and used as a bench.



    a complex bathtub for california

    The order was coordinated by a skilled architect.
    It is always stimulating and challenging to work with designers.
    In this case they wanted to achieve a sleek cantilevered bench in front of the tub, in a U shape. The details were very refined, some too much for my down-to-earth compliance-minded grumpy carpenter...
    Anyway we could find a satisfactory solution for all the parts and the tub/options will be beautiful and durable at the same time.

    The tub has a wide top ledge and an apron. We prepared the blocking so that the apron planks can be mounted on site to match perfectly the tilework

    From the picture it is difficult to explain, but the bench board thickness will cover exactly the horizontal joint of the apron planks

    The back of the tub will be inset in the masonry ledge

    Inside the tub is a removable bench

    Some of the over 30 parts cut to size to build the bench in front and to the left of the tub.

    Project specs:
    * japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Hinoki wood bathtub
    * L1680mm x W1225mm x H762mm (ext. dim.) 648mm(deep)
    * L-shape corner , no top frame (t47mm planks) - flat bottom


    thoughtful ofuro for australia

    This client contacted us 2 years ago. He was concerned about wood imports to australia and he wanted to visit our warehouse on his next business trip to japan.
    In the past he lived in japan so his japanese is very fluent and much more proper than mine, despite I have been here for 16 years now...
    Anyway he come with his wife and saw the ofuros and the material live.

    Than, as planned precisely 21 months after, as planned they mailed their order confirmation. What is more satisfactory than seeing every piece fitting in thoroughly conceived plan?


    material: Knotless Hinoki cypress wood
    L1300mm x W800mm x H630mm (ext. dim.) 550mm(deep)
    copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right
    option: over flow top cut

    accessories include:
    * Hinoki wood traditional cover 820x217x18 (6pcs)
    * Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)
    * Sawara wood small bucket (170D 300H)
    * Sawara wood large bucket(230D 120H)
    * Asnaro wood soap box (175x115x48H)


    A note for australians: yes, the customs are quite picky with the crate specs and required documentation about the wood used for the tub.
    Anyway our forwarder knows their job and we provide the necessary paperwork so you do not have to worry about it.


    ofuro for the south of France

    It was particularly pleasant to deal with our client this time.
    His questions were binary and the decision process was complex but progressive.
    It took just 20 days for deciding the details, producing, confirming and getting the tub to the customs.


    material: Knotless Hinoki cypress wood
    L900mm x W720mm x H720mm (ext. dim.) 610mm(deep)
    glass coating @ apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at top-right
    The drain plug is replaced with a spherical type one.

    accessories include:
    * Hinoki wood traditional cover 740x225x18 (4pcs)
    * Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)
    * Sawara wood ladle with handle (180D 290H)


    Since the tub is going to a location far from Paris, the local shipping cost was quite expensive. I thought it would be nice to arrange a kind of "collective shipment" for all people on the Cote d`Azur interested in owning a japanese ofuro...

    si quelqu'un est intéressé s'il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir!


    kadomaru for israel

    This is one of our staples, a "kadomaru" bathtub.


    material: Knotless Sawara cypress wood
    sizes: L850mm x W630mm x 740mm (630mm deep)
    stainless steel wire bands. Iron brand at front top-right

    This type of tub ships by air in a cardboard box.
    The cost changes from country to country but if you have a budget of 3200 to 3500 US$ (tub & shipping) this tub is perfect for you.
    If you require it shallower we can adjust it without extra charges but if you need it longer or wider, than you will have to opt for a full order tub.


    > After one week the client sent us a kind line:
    "I finally got around to opening the packaging of the Ofuro - it's very beautiful. Thank you very much. Warm regards."


    hinoki heaven in california

    This order was coordinated by the owners` architects.
    We discussed several options, sizes and details.
    In a couple of occasions the owner asked some more time to consider the details but the project went on smoothly.
    The architect was also very cooperative in taking care of the ISF filing.
    Recently, a new regulation has been implemented for ocean freight imports. The importer (the client) has to fill a Importer Security Filing and submit it before the merchandise is boarded in Tokyo port.

    The procedure is quite simple but of course it is a headache for every first-timer. Our forwarder`s clumsy english complicated things in the beginning but the client always positive attitude allowed us to literally jump over all the obstacles!

    As you can see our tub this time is a minimalist box, L1500mm x W800mm x H640mm (ext. dim.) 530mm(deep) with a L-shape corner (no top frame) This detail required 47mm thick planks @ walls. The material of course is japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Hinoki wood.
    and the tub has a copper apron, and wooden dowels details for the corner joint.


    We also shipped accessories such as our 100ml Asnaro-Hiba Oil, a Sawara wood large bucket(230D 120H)and Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)


    This time the local carpenter is going to build a duckboard on site so we send matching material.
    The floor planks are readied with anti-warping slits on the back and a full penetration hydro repellent treatment. Planks are knotless L2000mm x W100mm x t15mm while the sleepers are in B grade, L2000mm x 45mm x45mm


    If I close my eyes, I can already see the tub surrounded by the floor grating and filled with steamy water!


    wainscoting planks for NY

    A client who ordered a wooden tub and accessories from us decided to use our hinoki wainscoting for finishing the walls of his workplace.

    The quality required was knotless in 19mm thickness.
    The standard is 15mm, so we custom made the order
    65 planks L3700mm x W100mm x t19mm


    Plank cut. 1 face is AB grade (without noticeable knots.) Origin: Mie Pref.

    I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the completed job!


    ofuro with ledges for a japan-lover

    This tub was attentively designed by the owner. He has been in Japan several times and supplied us with pictures and videos to explain the image he wanted to achieve.
    We were also glad to help him finding some door hardware he is planning to import from japan.
    For japanese interiors fans, let me also recommend you to visit the site of Sugatsune USA, ( the american branch of the largest japanese construction hardware maker.

    The tub is in attentively selected straight grain hinoki. It will be installed raised on blocks to allow cleaning under the tub with a slim type mop. The gap will be hidden by the sunoko grating in front, which will also act as a low step to facilitate entering the tub.

    The tub will have built in ledges on the sides. We supplied the material, slightly longer than the room dimension so it can be cut to size on site.


    The tub was ordered with a spherical type drain plug (which confirms the clients` passion for details!)

    Here are the specs:
    material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Hinoki wood bathtub
    sizes: L1370mm x W750mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
    design: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right

    Hinoki wood "Sunoko" floor grate panel,
    laminated panels in hinoki wood for ledges
    Kouya-maki stool (300x170x200H)
    Sawara wood  large bucket(230D 120H)


    wedge shaped tub for singapore

    We received an information request for this tub on the last day of the year.
    The construction work on the apartment was still in progress so the manufacture was scheduled for may. It ends up that the work is ahead of schedule so the production should be anticipated. Luckily, for a shipment to Singapore of a small sized tub, airplane is cheaper than sea-freight so we could cope smoothly with the change of schedule.

    The tub is compact and has a slanted side (the flat side will be positioned against the wall)

    Specifications are as follows:
    material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Hinoki wood bathtub
    size: dim L1000mm x W700mm x H730mm (ext. dim.) 620mm(deep)
    design: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right
    option: slanted back
    accessories: Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)

    Here is a picture of the inside. No matter how compact, the soft touch of wood will give you the feeling of a roomy and comfortable space.


    Pick up your tub in Long Beach

    The client first considered a tub from our outlet corner, in the end he opted for a custom tub. The process was very efficient and the we carried on the communication mainly by email. Here below is the well proportioned and functional asnaro bathtub.


    Here are some of the initial questions which I am sharing hoping that can be of common interest:

    Q1) Does it have an internal seat? If there is currently no internal seat, could one be added out of the same material? What about a cover? I like the traditional cover--could this also be constructed out of the same wood and included? Can a step bench and stool also be constructed out of the same or matching material?

    A1) We can provide the accessories in matching asnaro wood, anyway be advised that it will not be exactly the same color/grain.
    tub, internal seat= asnaro plank cut
    step bench, stool= asnaro quarter sawn cut

    Q2) I also read on your web site that the tub should rest on some blocks. Our bathroom is tiled--can the tub sit directly on the tile or does it need some sort of block. If so, what kind of material should the block be made of?

    A2) About the installation: if the floor is tiled, you do not need the blocks.
    Anyway it depends on how you are going to do the plumbing connection.
    If you are placing the tub on top of a floor drain, you can just do easily, as you would place a bottle on a funnel.
    If you want to connect the drain to the plumbing with a joint, you need some space under the tub to tighten the nut.

    Q3) Can a shower be installed right next to one of your wooden tubs, thus causing the tub to get wet daily during showers or should a divider be placed between the shower area and the wooden soaking tub that serves to keep water from regularly hitting the tub?

    A3) There is no problem in having the shower by the tub. This is the standard layout in japanese bathrooms.
    If some soap is reaching the tub, just be sure to rinse it after the shower.

    Q4) What is the life expectancy of one of your wooden soaking tubs--is it about 10 years or ____ ?

    A4) The lifespan of a wooden bathtub is about 10 years but if it is maintained properly it can last 20 or 30 years.


    The tub has a overflow cut on the short side to redirect the oferflow towards the drain.

    material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Asnaro wood bathtub
    sizes: L1358mm x W806mm x H736mm (ext. dim.) 600mm(deep)
    options: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right

    accessories: Asnaro wood removable internal seat W400mm
    Asnaro wood traditional cover 826x226x18 (6pcs)
    Asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)
    Sawara wood  large bucket(230D 120H)

    (The internal seat is removable)

    The client lives close to Long Beach so we opted to an ocean freight to LA port and he will take care of the pick up in person.
    For us every tub has a story, like an individual. Also we hear often that wooden tubs are treated like a family member and sitted like a pet when the owner is away for a long period. But it does not happen often that the new owner goes to welcome it upon arrival...
    I think the tub will be very comfortable with its new family and I am sure it will make everybody happy...!


    outdoor tub for the west coast

    This project went thru a very smooth process. It took about 2 weeks for deciding the options, 2 weeks for construction and 4 weeks for shipping and delivery.

    The client went thru our website carefully and indicated a custom tub close to her image.
    The tub is to be used outside so we recommended a thermal cover (to be purchased locally).
    During the winter the cold temperature results in a lower relative humidity.
    If the tub is winterized we would recommend to wrap the tub with a cellophane sheet before covering it, to prevent the humidity loss.



    The tub is in asnaro wood.
    Sizes are L1400mm x W900mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 600mm(deep)
    It is equipped with a Asnaro wood traditional cover 920x233x18 (6pcs)


    The ofuro has an internal removable seat and was supplied without installing the drain socket. Once the exact location has been determined, the local contractor will drill a hole in the solid wood and apply the drain socket we supplied.

    japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Asnaro wood bathtub


    a japanese speaking tub in London

    The client who commissioned the tub has a japanese acquaintance, an architect based in Tokyo. This made the decision process even smoother as the architect could discuss directly about the required options and installation details.


    The tub is a natural japanese Knotless Sawara "Oke" bathtub

    L930mm x W630mm (ext. dim.)
    It is equipped with a cover split in 2 halves, rubber plug, chain.

    We also supplied a hinoki wood "Sunoko" floor grate panel 1050 x 700 xH55mm
    and an asnaro wood stool (330x220x300H)




    fast track tub for the UK

    We received a kind and neat mail contact on 12/2, which we promptly replied.
    On 12/10 the details were defined and we received the pre-payment.
    The tub was completed on 12/24, the client requested a small modification to the chain holding the rubber plug and we shipped it on 12/27.
    This order was really a sprinter, rapid and efficient!


    But this tub is not only quick, it is a sleek Asnaro AB grade (quartersawn) wooden bathtub. sizes are:
    L900mm x W700mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 617mm(deep).
    The bottom apron is finished with natural oil and the joints are capped with wooden dowels.
    There is an internal seat in matching asnaro wood.


    Finally, here is a picture of the interior with the removable bench. The drain is hardly visible because it is hidden under the seat.
    We can say this tub was a sprinter, but I am sure that the owner will slow down and fully enjoy the relaxing time with the hot water up to the shoulders!



    ofuro for a long chat

    This ofuro has a barrel type construction and 2 removable banches, so it is possible to sit inside, with the hot water to your shoulders and have a relaxing chat with your partner.


    Tub information:
    Sawara cypress wood AB grade (quarter sawn) oval tub
    dimensions: L1500mm x W750mm x H800mm (ext. dim.) 666mm deep
    The tub is equipped with a cover split in two halves ans a step/bench to make it easy to enter and exit the ofuro.


    Here is a photo of the inside of the tub. The seats are both removable.


    little Japan in London

    We exchanged mails directly with the client for about 2 months before going forward with this well balanced ofuro with an top overflow facing the wall.
    The carpenter choose a the nice pattern of knots running from right to left on the top plank.
    Accessories include a Hinoki wood wall mounted spout, ladle with handle, stool and
    floor grate panel.


    The specs of the tub are as follows:

    Material: Hinoki wood K grade (knotty) tub
    Sizes: L1350mm x W700mm x H670mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
    Finishing: Wood dovels, copper apron, Iron brand at front top right


    The tub top plank had an wood inlay. This is a traditional technique used when a wood-knot is or may become instable. The knot is removed and an another piece of wood is inserted to match
    the shape. Wood fillings are unavoidable when it comes to Knotty wood and usually it is performed with a white round wooden plug.
    Wood fillings are not signs of faulty material but are a sign of care taken by the carpenter.
    Said this, after a remark from the client, for a better visual balance we filled it with a red round knot.



    hinoki tub and lumber for switzerland

    At first we were contacted by the architect but went on finalizing the details directly with the clients who are a splendid couple. Despite the time difference, we had several phone conversations as -like sushi- every information is even better when is consumed fresh.
    All the important matters were communicated in English and the jokes in Italian which was very natural...
    The project is new construction, a refined minimalist residence.
    They were looking for hinoki lumber to build doors, cabinets, the stair and even the kitchen counter.

    Here are two pictures of the bold knotty hinoki ofuro.
    - size: L1615mm x W800mm x H715mm (ext. dim.) 610mm (deep) -

    We were quick in building the tub, but it took time to assort the lumber for the cabinetry and fixtures. Wide sections of hinoki are becoming rare and we wanted to assort a lot of top grade material, with stable knots and uniform quality.
    Then, the wood needs to be kiln dried to fulfill the phytosanitary requirements of the swiss forestry department.
    We asked the client to wait one extra month and they were very nice and understanding.

    over 10m3 of knotty hinoki planks up to 70mm thick and

    one cubic meter of knotless hinoki lumber in 3 meters length fit miraculously the container...!

    We are looking forward to post here an update of the completed project!!


    oval wooden bahtub for Holland

    In the beginning of march we received a quotation request from an architect based in the Netherlands.
    Their client was interested in a japanese bathtub and we provided some drawings and installation information. Few months passed and we started to think that they gave up on the ofuro project when the order confirmation arrived in november.

    Here are some pictures of the tub and accessories:

    The tub is made in Sawara wood AB grade (quarter sawn).
    Option: stainless steel metal straps, ball-type drain plug
    Dimensions are: L1300mm x W680mm x H700mm (ext. dim.) 590mm(deep)
    The tub is equipped with a cover split in two halves. and an internal seat.

    The picture taken without flash evokes a Akira Kurowasawa movie atmosphere...

    And here is a picture of the interior. The client opted for a rubber-ball plug in place of the standard type.


    remodeling in France

    At the end of march we received a mail from a nice French couple.
    They are planning a complete remodeling of their house and would like to use a japanese wooden bath for their bathroom.
    At first they choose an oval tub so they could place it diagonally and enjoy the view out of the window.

    They planned to use a duckboard for the floor, then they adjusted the plan and accessories a couple of times before going back to the original idea.
    We could feel their excitement, worries and a lot of passion for their home renovation project.

    Here are some pictures of the tub and accessories:


    The tub is made in Sawara wood AB grade (quarter sawn).
    Option: stainless steel metal straps
    Dimensions are: L930mm x W630mm x H740mm (ext. dim.)
    The tub is equipped with a cover split in two halves.

    A shot from the back with the spout ready to pour steamy water inside the tub...

    And here is a picture of the interior with the fixed seat


    Dream-ofuro for Australia

    How to describe this ofuro? It is roomy and well proportioned. The top frame "kamachi" gives it a sturdy, solid look. it is really the platonic archetype of a dream-bath.

    As Australians may imagine, it is not easy to import a wooden tub in the country because of the strict customs regulations and required inspections.
    But our forwarder knows the procedures, and we provided the required certifications so everything went thru smoothly.


    The tub is made in Hinoki wood AB grade (quarter sawn)
    Option: slanted back.
    Dimensions are: L1485mm x W880mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 600mm(deep)
    Finishing: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right

    Here are other shots of the front side and candid interior!



    Squarish tub for Canada

    At first, the client contacted us directly, then his very professional and constructive builder took the baton and we worked out with them the installation and shipping issues.
    The current legislation in Canada does not allow private parties to import goods.
    The consignee needs to be a corporation.


    The tub is made in Hinoki wood AB grade (quarter sawn)
    We were asked to build it with squared corners, so we used thicker planks (43mm) as per our "sharp corners option". This also allowed us to skip the top frame border which would be otherwise required for a tub which width exceeds 750mm.

    Dimensions are: L1207mm x W953mm x H699mm (ext. dim.) 584mm(deep)
    Finishing: natural oil apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right
    The tub is equipped with a wood step stool 660 x 254 x H305mm in coordinated Hinoki wood.




    tubs and accessories for a singapore spa

    UPDATE: by popular demand, here is the information to reach the spa in Singapore where our tubs are located and give it a try!

    IKEDA SPA - website:
    The big hinoki + small hinoki are at Clarke Quay outlet
    The small hinoki is at Bukit Timah outlet
    You can also contact IKEDA SPA and ask for their Onsen Hinoki Bath

    This time we received the order from a commercial spa.
    Apparently, the client was following us and our activity on the homepage for few years and since their are opening a new branch, contacted us for the supply of 3 mid size tubs (suitable for 2 people) and one large tub for 6 people.

    We supplied different quotations and updated the proposal according to the design and layout changes that were coordinated between the client and his architect. As the date of the installation was nearing, we did not have the approved drawings...
    Of course, important decisions should not be rushed. On the other end from our side, while waiting for a 100% satisfactory layout, we started to assort the material for the job.
    We obtained the OK and since we worked also during the holiday period, we managed to ship about 10 days before schedule after all..!

    After a long day of work in this cold season, washing away the sweat and fatigue in a steamy soaking tub is one of the best pleasures on earth!


    2 person Hinoki wood AB grade tub (3 pieces)
    Dimensions are: L1400mm x W1200mm x H558mm (ext. dim.) 471mm (deep)


    6 person Hinoki wood AB grade tub (1 piece)
    Dimensions are: L2400mm x W1700mm x H570mm (ext. dim.) 483mm (deep)

    4 spouts in AB grade hinoki and
    Wainscoting in knotty hinoki planks (L2000 x W105 x t12mm)


    twin tubs for NY

    As in the title, we were requested to produce two tubs with accessories.


    Asnaro wood tub AB grade
    Dimensions are: L1300mm x W750mm x H640 mm (ext. dim.) 560mm (deep)
    The tubs are equipped with a stool a bucket in coordinated asnaro wood.


    Inside this tub all you can touch is warm wood and soothing water...!


    happy-end in switzerland

    About 3 years ago, we received an information request from a swiss gentleman.
    He was designing his home and supplied us beautiful drawings and renderings of a japanese style bathroom.
    Than, last year we received the request for a quotation of an alternative shape.
    Finally, this summer we provided a quotation for this barrel type ofuro ... and it was love at first sight! A kadomaru tub offers the original japanese bath experience with an excellent cost-performance balance.


    Kadomaru type, sawara wood tub AB grade (knotless)
    Dimensions are: L930mm x W630mm x H740 mm (ext. dim.) 640mm (deep)
    The tub is equipped with cover in 2 halves

    The tub is compact and light, so we could use a reinforced cardboard to package it to reduce the boxing cost and shipping weight.

    I am sure the ofuro found a loving host family and that the story had a happy-end!


    barrel type ofuro for England

    This tub was shipped to England, it is expected to arrive on december 24th.
    I hope it will make a nice Christmas present!


    Asnaro wood tub AB grade - barrel type
    Dimensions are: L1200mm x W630mm
    The tub is equipped with lid, spout and bathroom accessories


    Do it again Sam - ofuro in Toronto

    This client, looking for a tub for his home renovation in Canada, found our "Stretch your legs" asnaro tub featured in our outlet corner. Well, the tub was already sold out but we offered to make a new one at the same price!


    Asnaro wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn)
    Dimensions are: L1350mm x W800mm x H635mm (ext. dim.) 550mm (deep)
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.


    Accessories include a wooden bucket and 16m2 of wainscoting in hinoki knotless planks L2000mm x W105 x t12mm

    IMGP3869.JPG IMGP3870.JPG

    Hinoki Ofuro for Upstate NY

    It sounds like a sweet match: a cabin in the Adirondack mountains and a japanese
    soaking tub...
    According to the client, the bathroom will have a traditional Japanese washing station and the tub will be free standing with water able to spill over all 4 sides.
    We first made a quotation for this project about 6 months before and were pleased to be contacted again, as the sitework is progressing and reaching its final stages..


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quartersawn) / L shaped corners
    Dimensions are: L1400mm x W750mm x H640mm (ext. dim.) 550mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with natural oil and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    Accessories include an internal removable seat and traditional wood cover.

    The corner joint is made in such a way that the water cannot reach the head of the planks (cut perpendicular to the wood veins) which is more vulnerable to water.


    And here is the detail of the cover planks.



    hinoki bathroom unit for Catskill

    This is as close as you can get to a real all-hinoki japanese wet room.
    The ofuro is on the end wall in front of a large window, I assume the window is offering a stunnning view.
    The tub has 2 ledges to fit seamlessly in the wall and a large 4-panels duckboard floor.


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
    Dimensions are: L1400mm x W750mm x H640mm (ext. dim.) 565mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    Accessories include custom built in ledges, traditional wood cover, full room floor grating panels, spout bathroom accessories (soap box, stools, buckets).

    Here is the detail of the spout. The lid is removable for maintenance/cleaning.

    The corner joint is made in such a way that the water cannot reach the head of the planks (cut perpendicular to the wood veins) which is more vulnerable to water.


    And here is the detail of the joint construction.


    It is a bit difficult to guess from this photo, but we also made a coordinated hinoki sink. Please remember not to use soap, unless you want to urethane coat it...



    elegant ofuro for Rome

    This tub will be employed in an apartment renovation in Rome. I saw the pictures of the present typical western style bathroom and I am looking forward to the metamorphosis into a clean design japanese wet room.
    The client also took in consideration a deeper tub, but finally opted for the classic module for this size tubs: 2 shaku (about 2 feet or 60cm)


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
    Dimensions are: L1100mm x W700mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    Accessories include a sunoko floor grating and japanese wooden bucket&stool

    The tub has an internal bench and to offer the possibility to orient it left or right, the iron brand was applied on both front and back.

    Photos of the interior, smooth as a baby`s cheek...


    You can even see the drain fitting reflected in the polished wood of the interior walls!



    singapore rowhouse ofuro

    Yes, we had two orders from Singapore in one month!
    Do you know that is becoming very trendy to renovate a traditional Singapore row house (e.g. the Joo Chiat district) ?
    Well, this elegantly proportioned soaking tub will be used in such a project and I am sure it will do its part in adding up originality and charm to the interior.


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (with sharp corners detail)
    Dimensions are: L1100mm x W710mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 650mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a natural oil and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    There is also a matching hinoki wooden stool.

    The layout was not 100% defined yet so we used completely knotless A grade hinoki on the 4 sides. This way the tub does not have a "back side" and can be orientated in any direction.

    The client was not keen on our standard rubber plug, so we supplied a spherical plug (option). The design is pleasant and it will fit the drain hole at any angle!



    round ofuro for singapore

    Our client asked for a couple of quotations for different sizes and shapes.
    But I had the feeling he would come back to the first choice: a stunning round soaking tub with circular bench. I imagine when installed it will look like a genuine professional spa!

    Asnaro wood round tub AB-grade /with internal seat
    Dimensions are: D1400mm x H700mm (ext. dim.) 590mm (deep) .
    The straps are made of twisted stainless steel wire.
    Accessories include a stool, ladle and a floor mounted spout.


    Let`s get closer... Can you imagine the overwhelming yet delicate scent when it is filled with hot water?

    You can alternate sitting on the tub bottom with periods sitting on the internal for resting and cooling down.

    In this case, a faucet is directly mounted inside the spout column for easy installation and simple maintenance.


    ofuro for California

    A simple and lovely tub for a new construction in California.


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn)
    Dimensions are: L1300mm x W750mm x H640mm (ext. dim.) 560mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    We also provided a stool and wooden bucket.

    The iron-brand is applied on both sides in case of last minute plan changes...

    The inside of the tub is silky and warm. Maybe it is because of the japanese october`s notorious comfortable temperature and humidity, but I thought this is one of the smoother tubs we ever made... Seriously!



    ofuro for Massachussets

    We dealt directly with the contractor for this project.
    The ofuro will be installed in a niche, under a window.
    As you can see towards the bottom of the page, we prepared a ledge to act as a filler and allow the tub to fit perfectly in the niche. The depth of the filler will need to be adjusted on site (with an electric plane or saw + plane) so we made it slightly larger.
    The joints are made in such a way that water does not penetrate the joints.


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn)
    Dimensions are: L1220mm x W760mm x H760mm (ext. dim.) 630mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with copper plates.
    We also provided a custom cover and wooden spout.


    The view from the back side. The dormers/feet are higher than usual, as per client`s request!



    The ledge can be shimmed on site to match perfectly the sloped floor.



    ofuro for a tribeca loft

    In this case all the details were discussed with a local interior designer. They considered different options but eventually returned to the first idea: a simple, minimalist box with elegant golden-ratio proportion. The material is of course hinoki: noble, delicate and pure.


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn)
    Dimensions are: L1100mm x W700mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    We also provided a custom bench, only 254mm deep to perfectly fit the bathroom space.


    The side view is even more elegant!


    The pristine interior. It looks even more welcoming when the tub is filled with steamy hot water...!


    Full ofuro set for switzerland

    Like in a typical japanese onsen (hot spring), on one side are the showers/faucets to wash the body before entering the soaking tub.
    Once installed, this will really look like an original japanese setting with a view of the swiss alps!


    Hinoki wood tub K grade (knotty) w/2 internal seats
    Dimensions are: L1500mm x W1500mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) -
    The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
    Accessories include a wall mounted spout, a traditional cover, a large duckboard and stools/buckets


    The two benches can seat at least 2 people for each side!


    detail of the wooden spout. The lid is openable for maintenance and cleaning


    asnaro tub and fusuma paper for india


    This time we had the pleasure to deal with an indian gentlemen, japan-lover and japanese sword collector.

    This shipment consisted in an Asnaro wood tub AB grade L1370mm x W840mm x H660mm.
    We supplied the drain fitting: the client will drill a hole and mount it on site to match exact site conditions.
    The tub has a copper apron, wood dowels and the Bartok design Iron brand at front side top-right

    Bathroom accessories include Asnaro large bucket, Asnaro ladle with handle and Asnaro-Hiba Oil.


    We also supplied a copper rainchain adjusting the length from 2700mm to 3250mm (option).
    Then the client choose some fusuma paper designs.
    (see the list af all designs in the left side column menu of the Shitoya site. Names are in japanese so you will have to click all one by one and choose your favourite... )
    We purchased it and shipped together, (charging a commission for the order, local shipping and glue/tools).

    It is really exciting to work side by side with our clients thousands of miles away!


    ofuro for dojo in Paris

    Asnaro wood tub AB grade (straight cut) w/ two internal seats
    Dimensions are: L1600mm x W900mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 604mm (deep)
    Bottom is treated with natural oil, joints are built with wood dowel heads.


    Imagine a dojo, a martial arts club in a quiet Paris suburb. Imagine the pleasure of entering in an aromatic hot tub after a tought training...

    As you know, martial arts principles give great importance to cleaning: both in a literal and symbolic sense. More than cultivating physical strenght, martial arts are a "way" to find a perfectly balanced inner self, to higher ethics and to the appreciation of authentical



    Asnaro "onsen" for Genova


    Asnaro wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
    Dimensions are: L1150mm x W700mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 605mm(depth)
    The tub bottom is equipped with a copper apron and the joints are finished with wooden dowels.
    With a full set of japanese bath accessories, I am sure that the lucky owner will feel as he is bathing in a japanese onsen!



    Hot tub for New Zealand

    I think that the words of my client are more clear and evocative than any any detailed description I could make:

    (...) Thank you for the photographs. It really looks a beautiful work that will give us wonderful moments for a long, long time. My house is on the top of a hill, overlooking a valley and the sunset. I am planting a face of the mountain with oaks, and I will be able to enjoy the view from the bath, as I did in my trips to onsen in Japan.
    The water comes from a nearby stream and collected rain water . I am sure it will be a pleasure for all of us to enjoy your wonderfully crafted tub.(...)


    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn) w/ overflow top cut
    Dimensions are: L1400mm x W900mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) .
    The bottom of the tub is treated with natural oil and the joints are finished with dowel heads.



    Tub for Norfolk

    tub croped.jpg

    Asano wood tub AB grade - straight cut - with internal bench.
    Dimensions are: L1550mm x W800mm x H660mm (ext. dim.) 570mm (deep).
    Plank edge with copper apron.



    hinoki tub for the West Coast

    Japanese bathing

    Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn) w/ removable bench.
    sizes are: L1550mm x W940mm x H735mm (ext. dim.) 640mm (deep)
    this tub is built with extra thick wall planks= t50mm (bottom plank= t42mm)
    This allows for a clean L corner detail while assuring solidity and waterproofing.

    Tub cover with handles is split in 3 sections for easy maneuvering.

    The drain fitting will be installed on field by the client to match the exixting location.

    wood tub



    asnaro tub for Australia

    Japanese tub

    A compact but well proportioned Asnaro wood tub, quater sawn.
    Sizes are as follows: L1100mm x W700mm x H700mm (ext. dim.) 620mm (deep)
    The apron is finished with natural oil and the joints are realized with wood dowels for a simple, natural look.

    The tub is also equipped with a cover conveniently split in two halves.

    soaking tub


    Knotty hinoki tub for Venice-CA

    Japanese soaking

    Knotty Hinoki bathtub.
    The sizes are: L1320mm x W685mm x H660mm (ext. dim.) 546mm (deep)
    The tub has a very simple, elegant shape with slanted short sides.

    We hope that the tub will match the client`s expectations and will provide a sensorial background for his unforgettable memories of japanese hot springs...!

    Japanese bath


    Asnaro tub for Suisse

    Japanese tub

    Knotless natural Asnaro bathtub.
    The sizes are: L1314mm x W884mm x H730mm (ext. dim.)
    The tub is equipped with a traditional cover and bath accessories.

    We kept in touch with the client for about a year ...Yes, sometimes takes time to find the best solution, don`t be afraid to consult with us from the first stages of your project.

    Anyway there is another note that we will not easily forget: the tub was ordered with the bottom plank edge to be treated with natural oil. Due to a misunderstanding with the carpenter, he built it with the copper apron! ... woops ...

    Luckily we could solve the situation with a luxury detail: we removed the copper and planed the edge to completely remove the indents of the nails. Then we inlayed a base molding and treated it with natural oil. It is a lot of work but it was worth it: the base molding hides the joints of the bottom plank and its exposed face is naturally resistant to water being the wood grain parallel to the cut.

    As the proverb says, Every cloud has a silver lining!

    soaking tub



    asnaro tub for Belgium

    ofuro Japanese tub

    Knotless natural Asnaro bathtub.
    This tub is going to be used in a therapeutical facility.
    The sizes are: L1200mm x W900mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 680mm(deep)
    As it is very wide, it can be used also by two people facing eachother while fitting in a compact space. It is finished with copper apron, wood dowels and -yes- it a has a very nice top frame as anticipated in our blog.

    The tub is also equipped with a tub cover and a step-bench.

    Here is the tub with its cover (traditional type in separated planks.) Note that the color of the planks appears different but this is accentuated by the effect of the flash.

    soaking tub

    The tub is equipped with a cut to redirect the water overflow towards an existing shower. We are also providing a matching piece of wood to close this gap while the tub is covered.

    wood tub detail


    Asnaro tub for California

    japanese soaking

    Knotless natural Asnaro bathtub.
    What is striking at first sight is the well proportioned, light design.
    This is achieved thanks to the use of thick wall planks: 44mm (compared to normal 33mm).
    This allows to avoid the top frame border while providinf a very versatile size: L1400mm x W810mm x H635mm (external dimensions) 555mm(depth).

    wood tub

    This tub was offered in our outlet and the client asked us to customize it with an internal seat. The other accessories are made with the same asnaro wood.


    oval tubs for Oregon

    oval ofuro

    Here are twin oval-barrel shaped hinoki tubs - 1520 x 670 x H710mm (ext. dimensions).
    We used stainless steel bands to contain the water pressure. The client at first required copper bands, but it would be too weak so we proposed stainless braided wire which is solid and not too difficult to assemble. We reached the compromise with stainless steel bands: the look is very nice, but - boy - they had to be slowly hammered one by one from the bottom up and it took forever!

    Another peculiarity of these tubs is that the bond for laminating vertical planks was replaced with 100% natural rice starch. See the blog for more details ->


    Hinoki tub for Hawaii


    Japanese soaking

    wood tub

    This tub was built for a resort villa in hawaii.
    It is going to be installed in ground and was built with slanted sides so that the top 20cm will be visible with its elegant proportions and angle.
    The external sizes are L1956mm x W812mm x H730mm and are realized with extra thick planks to allow the sharp corner detail (without skirt)


    Asnaro tubs for the Caribbeans

    Japanese bathing

    These 2 tubs were built for a resort project in the caribbean.
    The sizes are very generous (1802 x 855 x 732 mm depth) and are realized with fine knotless asnaro wood. The tubs are equipped with an internal seat which is removable.
    The set is completed with a step/bench and a narrow pitched marine style duckboard.

    Japanese soaking

    ofuro accessories

    For this project we implemented a detail that is often requested: a western style overflow drain (See pictures below.) Until now we always recommended alternative solutions because there are no standard fittings that mount on the (thick) board of a wooden tub.
    Also, normal overflow pipes are small and provoke a suction noise which disrupt the atmospere of a relaxing jpanaee bath!
    But now we have a satisfactory solution both from the aesthetic and functional point of wiew. Feel free to ask in detail.

    wood tub

    ofuro outside


    asnaro tub for Tribeca

    wood tub parts

    More than being just a tub these project was about building prefinished asnaro parts for a masterly conceived bathroom in wood and marble. Everything was designed with care for the detail while aiming at the balance of the composition.

    When good design and quality craft meet, something wonderful sees the light.

    There is a bench with marble base and a asnaro wood grate for the seat.
    Then there is a step in asnaro to integrate in front of the alcove containing the tub.
    Two doors close the tub alcove and as they open insidewards, you will be surrounded by wood while you enjoy the soak...

    Japanese bathing

    The tub is a roomy L2082mm x W1041mm x H965mm with two inner seats.(see photo below!). It is built to integrate in a niche and to create a ledge flush with the two asnaro doors. We evaluated different options, finally decided to build the tub and the ledge in one piece. In this way it is solid and there is no worry about assembly on site. Dimensions were checked accurately; then should an adjustment should be necessary, it is easy to shorten the ledge on the back or the side. If you can use a circular saw, you can do it.

    soaking ofuro

    Here it is! the mellow, peaceful, relaxing, feeling of being inside an asnaro tub... I wish we could start filling it up with hot water!


    hinoki tub for Sidney

    Japanese soaking

    The client come to japan to search and collect construction materials for her new house.
    We were glad also to introduce her a tatami maker and bamboo weaver in Kyoto.
    It is a pleasure to deal with lovers of beutiful things and to help traditional craftsmen at the same time!

    We were commissioned this generously sized tub for two to be mounted free standing in the center of a bathroom which also includes a shower box.

    Japanese ofuro


    asnaro tub for Brussels

    Japanese soaking

    This tub is in quarter-sawn knotless grade and has one internal removable bench.
    size:L1200mm x H700mm x W700mm (external dimensions)

    Our client is a very nice and enthusiastic person and could not wait to see the tub, so he removed the protective plastic wrap... Not too bad, just put back the wrap and be sure to keep the tub wrapped until installed in order to prevent damage caused by dryness.


    Other accessories include a lid (tub cover) with handles.
    It is split in 2 halves so it is easy to lift and move. By using a lid you can prevent the water to cool down thus enjoy longer and more ecologic baths...

    The client also requested a bench of the same width of the tub which can be used as a step or a seat for relaxing or getting dressed. We just had the some nice material in the exact quantity and lenght for making one bench of this size, so we could charge only the craftsmanship for this item!


    hinoki tub for Texas

    Japanese bathing

    This tub (size:L1000mm x W1040mm x H985mm) is in quarter-sawn hinoki-knotless grade and has one internal seat.
    The bathtub is also equipped with a spout which will be mounted recessed in the wall.
    The area of installation did not allow a longer tub, so it was opted for a short but wide and roomy shape. In this conditions, it is comfortable to take a bath from a sitting position, hence the internal bench. Additionally, the tub is deeper than standard, so it is possible to enjoy the hot water up to your shoulders even while sitting on the bench.
    (Be aware that you will need over 200 gallons to fill up the tub...!)

    At last, note the custom bench/step outside of the tub matching the width. This can be used as a step to enter the deep tub at ease. Also, we recommend to use it as a bench for relaxing before and after the bath.

    soaking tub


    hinoki tub for Switzerland

    Japanese bath

    This tub was coordinated by a very talented and professional architecture office in Switzerland. When we saw the drawings, there was just nothing to add or modify and we could start manufacture immediately.

    Without being huge, this tub has majestic proportions and we could keep the design simple by using a 50mm extra thick plank for the front instead of an otherwise neccessary top frame border.
    The tub is in knotless quarter cut hinoki (sizes L1570mm x W900mm x H685mm) and has an internal bench. Note also the copper apron detail at front which furnishes extra protection to the head of the bottom planks, and is almost completely hidden by the floor duckboards.

    soaking tub


    Hinoki tub for North Carolina


    One nice thing about dealing with hinoki tubs is that they allow us to meet nice people!
    Be they professionals, musicians, journalists or slow chefs, they are all wonderful people.
    This was definately the case, and the preliminary phase was animated but surprisingly smooth. The tub was first switched to a different wall, rotated, adjusted.
    Everything in with few, energic movements as an experienced cook would sautee eggplants and zucchini.

    The tub L1200mm x W800mm x H660mm is in quarter-sawn hinoki - knotless grade and has a top border cut to redirect the overflow towards the adjoining shower.

    wood tub


    hinoki tub for manhattan

    Japanese bathing

    The picture does not fully convey the beauty and peculiarity of this tub!
    The request was a large tub L1800mm x W1000mm x H690mm (depth=600mm) but with the simplest - minimal detailing.

    We had to employ a thick top border frame (100x60mm!) but turned it in a simple line with the following concept:
    - Two sides were built fully as the top beam border (60mm thick)
    - as the tub is set against a free standing ledge with the faucet, in this case the short faces become the main side.

    wood tub    ofuro bench

    Other accessories include an japanese style tub cover and an outside bench in hinoki wood which can be used both as a step and for relaxing after the bath.

    ofuro    making Japanese bath

    The finishing is done in line with the natural/minimalist concept of the architect: almost invisible wood dowels for the joints and natural oil to seal and protect the bottom plank
    and base area from humidity.


    hinoki tub for surrey

    soaking tub

    We had the honour and the pleasure to deal with a top class construction company for this project.
    An extracomfortable L1560mm x W950mm x H845mm hinoki tub was designed and built to retain all the archetypical simplicity and grace of hinoki.

    To obtain this box-like design we opted for an extra thick wall plank (50mm in place of the normal 35mm) and used only quarter sawn cut.
    This detail allowed us to do without the top frame border.
    Also, the corners of the tub are simply "L" shaped in place of the traditional "T" shape (see picture below.) Of course this was possible only because of the thick plank which gives more structural stability and width to set the dowels. Waterproofing and protection of the side of plank in the joint is also assured with this detail.

    The architect office required us the bottom sleeper to be recessed like a base molding, to match the design of the rest of the room and cabinetry.
    I am looking forward to see this installed!

    Japanese tub


    hinoki tub for Geneve

    Japanese soaking

    We had some communication problem in the beginning because some mails were captured by the spam filter .
    Anyway, once found the problem everything proceeded smoothly and we could ship this hinoki tub, custom size sunoko and accessories in record time.

    Every detail such as tub size adjusments, wall joint, floor duckboard modular units were agreed together with the client.

    wood tub Japanese ofuro

    The drain location was as per the client specs. He required also a cut in the top frame to direct the overflow towards the adjoining shower which has a floor drain,
    The bench is of the removable type: use it for a relaxing half-body bath. Remove the bench to enjoy the hot water up to your shoulders, japanese style.


    hinoki tub for seattle

    wood tub

    The wood for this tub was set aside last year, while the client`s house was still on the architect`s drawings!
    We kept in touch with them every while and then to adjust the sizes or just for the season`s greetings: I never met the client in person but almost feel like old time friends. I am almost sorry to see the tub go but - who knows - I may visit one day!

    Japanese ofuro bath

    Grade AB Hinoki bathtub L1300mm x W750mm x H660mm with japanese style tub cover and other accessories.

    Considering the long humid season of the pacific coast, the hinoki was upgraded to all quarter sawn lumber. Note the soft parallel lines and the pale pink color...


    asnaro tub for singapore

    wood ofuro

    A squarish (900 x 1000mm - internal dimensions) ASNARO-HIBA tub.
    It has a top frame (100x50) and joints are finished with wooden plugs.

    Two low benches can be used as a step to get inside or to relax after the bath (this hot-tub is located on a terrace and I guess that the view is stunning!)


    square hinoki tub for NY

    wood tub
    We used transversal cut (slab cut) hinoki for the short and long sides. The bottom is in straight cut (quarter-sawn) hinoki.
    Nicely proportioned quasi-square (L1000 x W1250 x H750mm) tub with a solid 120x55mm top frame. As you can see, we used the copper plates detail and no apron.

    The mellow color of hinoki is just mesmerizing. I feel like I want to take a bath right now...


    asnaro tub for paris

    soaking tub
    This large tub (dim. 2126 x 1736 external dimensions x H625mm - depth=538) was built in knotless asnaro for a recessed type installation.
    The tub is also equipped with an internal removable bench and a W320 x D520 x H880 floor mounted spout, also in asnaro wood.

    Japanese tub
    For the massive top frame (260x80) see also our blog


    hinoki tub for california

    Candid knotless AB grade Hinoki for this tub. Frame oversized to 100x60mm for a bolder look. This tub will be recessed in a tiled ledge in a corner position, rotated 45 degrees.
    For this reason, the non exposed joints have been finished with wooden plugs.

    Japanese soaking
    Note the double bench with the corner hole detail for the drain plug chain.
    dimensions of this tub are: L1515mm x W915mm x H725mm (depth=630mm)


    asnaro tub for prague

    Japanese soaking Asnaro-hiba AB grade tub (straight cut).
    Frame 110x60mm for this large 1700mm x 800mm x H800mm tub with copper plates and copper apron. We put our iron brand on top of the kamachi border as per the client`s request.

    The asnaro wall spout was built to be recessed in a wall niche, only the front portion will be visible. In any case spouts need to be accessible for maintenance, so the lid is removable.

    ofuro spout

    hinoki tub for belgium


    Knotless hinoki: L1200mm x W700mm x H700mm for this clean and simple tub to be used in a tiled bathroom. Note the details: Wooden plugs and copper apron.

    Japanese bathing


    hinoki tub for scotland

    ofuro tub

    Straight hinoki: 1500 x 1200mm x 930mm deep. Being quite deep, this tub is also equipped with an external bench that can be used as a step or just to sit down and relax after the bath. In this case we also supplied a wall mounted spout, hinoki shelves and fixed internal bench.


    asnaro tub for virgin islands

    soaking tub

    Asnaro wood: 1960 x 943mm x 580mm deep. Double slanted back for couples who like to talk while taking a bath. The back side is indented to create a water-sheet overflow.


    asnaro tub in texas - back

    japanese bathing

    back view with japanese style cover (partially set up).


    asnaro tub in texas - front

    wood ofuro tub

    Asnaro wood: 1600 x 800mm x 550mm deep. Comfortable and low maintenance asnaro wood tub


    hinoki tub in long island

    soaking tub

    Knotty hinoki hot tub: 1300 x 750mm x 590mm deep. Natural and warm look for this splendid setting.


    asnaro tub in seoul - interior


    Immaculate asnaro wood tub with built in bench. The drain is placed under the bench for minimum interference.


    asnaro tub in seoul - out

    japanese ofuro

    Asnaro wood: 1600 x 800mm x 525mm deep. A long tub with a confortable slanted back.


    hinoki tub in chicago

    Japanese soaking

    Knotless hinoki: 1040 x 800mm x 940mm deep. This custom size tub is narrow and deep to enjoy bathing in sitting position.


    hinoki tub in italy - options

    Japanese tub options

    A curvy spout and sawara wood buckets.


    hinoki tub in italy - top view

    Japanese soaking

    Knotty hinoki: 2440 x 1740mm x 650mm deep. This large tub can accomodate 4~6 people and is fully equipped with accessories.


    hinoki tub in ottawa - wall planks

    wood for japanese tub

    We can also supply hinoki planks for wall finishing. These are pre-treated with 100% natural oil by Kredezeit (german maker)


    hinoki tub in ottawa - accessories

    wood tub accessories

    You can recreate the atmosphere of a japanese ryokan with stools and buckets.


    hinoki tub in ottawa - front

    Japanese soaking

    Straight hinoki: 1524 x 914mm x 620mm deep. A complete set for a japanese culture center in Canada.


    hinoki tub in london - interior


    A fixed bench to enjoy reading while bathing.


    hinoki tub in london - front

    soaking tub

    Straight hinoki: 1300 x 700mm x 573mm deep. A simple, refined balance for this famous designer project.


    round tub in L.A. - details

    Japanese tub

    The spout can be opened from the top for easy maintenance. As the tub does not have corners, you feel pleasingly contained by the warm honey-like color of hinoki.


    round tub in L.A. - back

    Japanese bathing

    This wooden tub is equipped with a floor mounted spout. This has to match the slanted/curved edge of the circular tub. The "waterfall" balances the composition and add to the relaxing effect of japanese style bathing.


    round tub in L.A. - front

    wood tub

    Straight hinoki: 1524mm diam. x 660mm deep. Round wooden tubs tend to be more expensive due to the manufacture and top grade material.


    hinoki tub in connecticut - detail


    Here is a detail of the wall-mounted "waterfall" spout in hinoki wood and japanese style bathtub cover.


    hinoki tub in connecticut - from above

    Japanese tub

    Straight hinoki: 1600 x 1143mm x 660mm deep. This is a complete set with custom size floor hinoki duckboards and spout.


    hinoki tub in michigan

    Japanese bath

    Straight hinoki wooden bathtub: 1220 x 865mm x 610mm deep. A very nice natural pattern for this simple composition.

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