a asnaro wood japanese tub is installed in a renovated barn in switzerland

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09.07.21 * japanese tub found home in Suisse

Here are some photos that do not need many comments...
It is the simple and happy story of a japanese tub in search for a new home (and caring family)

ofuro arrivalFirst the arrival in front of a renovated ancient barn...how charming!

soaking tub
Then the installation in its pit (will it really fit? - this was one of the client main concerns.)
While waiting for the tap (not rady yet) the tub is left with few centimeters of water on the bottom to avoid any possible dryness damage. ...(and to enjoy even more the asnaro wood scent!)

wood tub and window    ofuro stools and accessories

Lastly, a regenerating view on the garden. A perfect mix of eurpean and oriental sensations!

japanese wooden hottub japanese wooden hottub


japanese wooden hottub

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