manufacture of wooden hot tubs made in japan as per your custom order specifications

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    there is a step over the "handmade look". Chisel and plane are all the tools used by the master "daiku": yet he creates a perfectly square, smooth sculpture. No sealants or caulking are used but the masterful joints are invisible. No need for outspoken pride or rhetorics: this is the essence of perfect handwork.

    hinoki bath-tubs are entirely hand planed ->

    Making of Japanese tub

    Who said that "handmade" has the downside of being rough?
    why "natural" shouldn`t be long-lasting? Is it possible to have a "healthy" bathtub which is also beautiful and practical?
    A hinoki tub is a masterfully built, natural and healthy, an easy to install and to maintain solution for your home: a WIN - WIN situation.

    hot tub install

    wood selection and cutting

    ofuro wood ofuro wood selection

    The hinoki wood boards are chosen one by one according to the necessity and planned use


    ofuro wood

    The wood is cut as per the required sizes, eliminating soft areas (young layers) and knots, respecting the direction of the grain.

    ofuro wood

    The wood is planed to remove the imperfections and bring it to a uniform thickness.


    ofuro wood

    4 - CUT
    With a technique borrowed from boat construction, two planks are partially overlapped and hand sawn: so the adjacent boards are originated by a single cut and can match perfectly.

    hot tub install

    assembling and joining

    ofuro making Japanese tub making

    Wood plugs are used to compose the top border (kamachi) with the 2 lower sections of one side.


    soaking tub making

    6 - TSUNAGI
    Rectangular (or round) holes with a stiching pattern are hand-cut on the head of the long sides with the aid of a chisel.

    Japanese ofuro making

    7 - SLITS
    Tongue and groove joints are prepared on the heads to ensure solidity and to create a definitive barrier to water leaks.


    ofuro making

    The 4 sides and the bottom are assembled. We use stainless screws to reinforce the baht-tub while keeping them invisible.

    hot tub install

    finishing & packing

    Japanese tub finishing Japanese tub finishing

    The inside and outside of the bath-tub is planed by hand to obtain a silky smooth surface.We do not need sealants or any chemical product.


    ofuro fittings

    10 - FITTINGS
    We attach accessories, the drain fitting if requested and apply our iron brand. Please look in the details section for how to personalize your tub. At this stage we also take pictures of the tub and send to you by e-mail for your review and approval.

    ofuro packing

    11 - WRAPPING
    The bathtub is protected with airproof wrapping: this is important to preserve the natural humidity of wood during shipment.


    ofuro shipping

    12 - SHIPMENT
    The hinoki tub and accessories are prepared for shipment in custom built sturdy non-coniferous wood boxes. We arrange the shipment (air or sea-freight) according to your preference and size of box.

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    manufacture of wooden hot tubs made in japan as per your custom order specifications