order list for a custom made wooden ofuro hot tub. Order thru the internet and receive at your door.

  • how to order:

  • order summary

    Thank-you for your interest in our hinoki products!
    As a general reference, please note the following:

    • All our tubs are custom built as per our client`s order. We can produce any shape, any size.
    • If you let us know your requirements/shape/size we can prepare a quote.
    • All our tubs are produced in Japan and the lead time is 60 days from confirmed order to delivery on site.
    • We do not have agents or distributors in your country. You will have to contact us in Japan.
    • You are welcome to visit us at our warehouse in Tokyo to see sample tubs and the hinoki wood.
    • We will not be able to install the tub on site nor recommend anybody near you.
    • The installation is very straightforward as the tub already comes assembled in one piece.

    • We use only the metric system. All dimensions must be specified in millimeters. (note: 1"=25.4mm)
    • We cannot supply any jet/recirculation system. Please see also the FAQ's for reference.
    • As an example, we can offer the size 1515x915xH725mm (one of the most popular for the US) for 6600-US$
    • There is some cost reduction for width under 800mm (straight border, see the details page)
    • Shipping cost is around 1500 US$ door to door for the US. We can make a precise estimate together with the quote for the tub.
    • All expenses are prepaid, but in some cases it is easier to have you fill the customs import declaration which costs around 250US$.
    • If you want we can use your forwarder, you can arrange to pick up the tub at our ware house in Tokyo.
    • Cost of wooden crate is about 400 US$.

    Our service include custom CAD drawings and assistance. We are looking forward to collaborate with you and welcome any question you may have.

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    order process

    This is the typical process from order to delivery:

    • Please take a look carefully at the ordering summary and ordering checklist

    • Fill in the information request form

    • After our answer by email, feel free to ask everything that concerns you by email or telephone. You can contact us in english, japanese or italian.

    • You can telephone us, anyway e-mail may be more convenient because of time difference and not native pronunciation.

    • We will send you a quotation in pdf format. We use Japanese Yen to eliminate the risk of currency valuation which normally is built in the prices. (UPDATED 2008.9.1)

    • After your positive response, we will prepare drawings and send to you in pdf format. Please review carefully, expecially sizes.

    • When all matters (cost, drawings) are defined, you are ready to order.

    • We will require at least 50% advance payment on custom items (accessories, transport are payed 100% together with the balance) to confirm the order and start manufacture.

    • All payments should be done through wire transfer to our bank accounts in Japan (Minato Bank Corporation or Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi-UFJ.) and all bank charges (30~50 US$) should be settled by the payer.

    • Manufacture takes between 10~30 days, according to workload and complexity of the item.

    • Once completed, we will send photographs for your review and approval and will require payment of the balance before shipping.

    • After receiving the balance, we will ship the tub as agreed (air or sea)and will promptly forward you the shipping documents.

    • You will be contacted by the agent of our forwarder and the tub will be delivered on site.

    • Please open the box and check for any damage: any claim should be made within 5 days (insurance coverage conditions)

    • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you put back the protective plastic wrap until ready to install.

    • Have your carpenter install the tub and fill it up to the edge. Enjoy the bath. Leave it full for few hours the first time to allow wood to reach the ideal humidity level.

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    order checklist

    As each bathtub is custom made sizes, materials, details are different. For this
    reason, you will need to contact us for a detailed quotation.

    Please go thru this checklist before placing an information request.

    • did you read the ordering summary and order process pages?
    • can you wait 40~60 days?
    • it takes us several hours to draw and quote your bathtub. Are you seriously motivated?
    • are you ready to equip the bathroom with an hygrometer to check periodically the relative humidity of air?
    • if possible fax us a plan of your bath area so we can advise.
    • please let us know desired shape, sizes (external) in millimeters.
    • Do you want to use Knotty hinoki? Straight hinoki? Asnaro wood?

      please refer to the details page for the questions below:
    • do you want a solid looking top frame (more expensive) or a minimalist box-like shape?
    • do you want the bottom base to be with copper plate or oil treated?
    • do you want the joints to be with round plugs or square copper plates?
    • do you want a straight back or slanted back?
    • do you want a built in bench? spout? tub cover? accessories?
    • note that we can sell accessories (stool, bucket, duckboard) independently from the the purchase of a tub. (UPDATED 2009/5)
    • do you want us to install the drain fitting or just supply it and have you drill it in site?
    • unless differently specified, we will iron brand the Bartok design Japanlogo on the top right side.

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    information request

    Japanese ofuro   Please fill in:

    (* = required fields)
    (Please indicate your exact address if you want us to obtain a shipping quotation)
      State:      Country:

    (for the sizes refer to our standard tub sizes pricelist)






    width x length
    wooden duckboard

    bath accessories
    "Sunoko" floor grate panel
    Asnaro stool
    Small bucket
    Large bucket

    Details of enquiry:

    antispam field - please check the box    

    It will be our care to contact you with a personalized price quotation and provide all the information you requsted.
    If you prefer to contact us by e-mail, feel free to contact us at: japan{at}bartokdesign.com for any general question.

    Please allow few days for the answer.
    We might discard without answer emails for the following reasons:
    • the return email address is not specified or is incorrect!
    • careless, non motivated or widely incomplete requests
    Also, some legitimate emails may get caught in the spam filter. If you do not hear from us please resend or contact us by fax at (+81) 78 - 262 - 7151. We appreciate your kind understanding.
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    ofuro price list

    Our policy is to produce custom ofuros freshly after your order.
    This way we do not have to use a lot of space to store the stock and do not have to immobilize capital for ready-to-ship products.

    The customer`s advantage is a reasonable price, maker-to-client and the possibility to adapt the tub to your needs and bathroom sizes, up to the milllimeter!

    For this reason, feel free to ask us a custom quotation. We are at your disposal!

    This said, If you just want to have a quick reference or compare with standard sizes of different makers, please refer to the chart below. Again, this is just for reference, always ask for a final quotation as we may be able to make better conditions according to the season of the year and the material we have in stock.

    Click on the image below to download the pdf version.


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    order list for a custom made wooden ofuro hot tub. Order thru the internet and receive at your door.