2014.8.28 survewy on hinoki new product for Indiegogo campaign

See below for the survey:
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Fabric pouches color selection:





This survey consists of 4 questions and will take less than one minute to complete.
It has been made public to 1276 previous customers and thru our facebook page.
I whould appreciate one answer per person. Of course it would be great to hear the opinion of your friends and family members as well!
PS: again, the main product is not the hinoki aroma balls, but the balls will have a fundamental visual impact.

1) Sorry, my first mailing was a disaster...! Some text from the standard template appeared on the top of the email, the text was too small etc. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

2) Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback! I am receiving a response rate 10 times higher than the industrial standard!

3) Let me answer here below to a comment of a fried. Maybe many have the some doubt...

Q. These seem interesting and pretty. Have they been tested at all to ensure they do not stain or discolor acrylic, fiberglass or cast iron tubs. Especially if left in the tub after it has been drained?
A. Hinoki wood do not stain as IPE or other tropical woods. No problem about this.

Q.As to number of balls, how many are needed to achieve a strong aroma? This seems as important as the aesthetic number of balls.
Further, can you impregnate the balls with oil or extract from hinoki to make them more strong smelling or reinvigorate their scent?
A.Exactly, you got the point. There will be a special oil together with the balls. So their number is not the only variable in adjusting the aroma intensity.

Q.As to the title of the project. Many more Americans are familiar with the term onsen than ofuru.
Finally, for the choice of colors I would look at a current home fashions magazine to see what colors are popular in bathrooms right now as people will like to have complementary or contrasting colors for accessories that will be in the bathroom.
All in all, I think this is an excellent idea and I wish you the best of luck!
A.Thank you, the colors are traditional wabi-sabi, I think they are all time classic. My staff was suggesting to use more decorative and bright kimono fabric but I think the patterns are too big for the pouch.
I really appreciate your help and kind wishes!

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