2014.8.31 survey on hinoki new product for Indiegogo campaign

Product: hinoki flakes (instant japanese onsen)
-See below for the survey-

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I am sorry to resort again to your help but as I said, this is my first Indiegogo campaing and I want to get it straight from the beginning. This survey consists of 2 questions (+ open comment field) and will take less than one minute to complete.
It has been made public to 1282 previous customers and thru our facebook page.
I whould appreciate one answer per person. Of course it would be great to hear the opinion of your friends and family members as well!
The campaign will kick start on 9/3 japan time, so I will be grateful to collect your feedback by 9/2. Again a big thank-you again, from the bottom of my heart!
1) as I mentioned in the mailing, for the curious here is the full result database of the previous survey.
Here is the link to the graphic summary:

And this is the spreadsheet. (I purged out the names)
I also added my reply to all of you who posted in the free comment area.

2) Of course I will disclose the results to this mailing list (maybe it will be after 9/3). Stay tuned!

Add a tentative group shipping schedule

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