japanese deep soaking tubs take advantage of hinoki and asnaro wood essential oil for health and wellbeing

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hinoki wood
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asnaro wood
HINOKI (Chamaecyparis obtusa)
durability and sublime fragrance

Hinoki means literally "tree of fire" as it was used antically to spark a fire, thanks to its dry nature. As hinoki has an excellent dimensional stability and durability, it has been since ever the first choice when it comes to the bearing structure of a house. Still today hinoki is widely used in construction, expecially for the parts which are connected with the "life and soul" of the building: columns and foundations. The grain is very compact and prevents the penetration of insects. Please find more details in the introductory pages.

ASNARO/HIBA (Thujopsis dolabrata)
superior resistance to water and insects

Of the family of Hinoki, the Asnaro, popularly known as "Hiba" is the symbol tree of the northern Aomori region. Its most prized qualities are its antibacterial and insect repellent characteristic: expecially when it comes to thermites, the hiba wood has no rivals. There is a proverb: "In a house built with Hiba, flies do not enter for 3 years".Strong at least as much asHinoki, Hiba is very resistant to rot and humidity: for this reason it is the preferred material for balconies, eaves, bathrooms and so on.

Which one to choose?
Consider that straight hinoki is the most beautiful because of white-pink color and elegant grain. On the other hand its candity will show earlier the signs of time and of use.

When our clients are in doubt, we recommend Asnaro wood. Its color is a warm straw-color and any stain, scrath will be less visible. Asnaro is also the most resistant against thermites. Lastly, if you like the knotless look but want to find a cheaper alternative, Asnaro wood is actually available only in the knotless variety. (Note that Asnaro is cross-grained cut and not straight-grained cut like hinoki)

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