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Plastic or wooden cutting board: how to choose.

The culinary and sanitary world seems to be split in a dilemma:
Is it better to use plastic cutting mats or wooden cutting boards?

    The advantages and disadvantages of both are easy to outline:
  • cutting boards: a wooden chopping board is more stable and offers a good support for the blade

  • acryl cutting boards are similar to wood in weight with the extra advantage of being dish washer washable.

  • Light weight plastic boards are economic and can replaced frequently. They can be bent and used as a funnel. Some people find it convenient to overlap them on a traditional cutting board and differentiate them for cutting vegetables, meat etc.

The different qualities make it difficult to define for sure which type makes for the ideal cutting board.

Most of the cooking experts make an obvious recommendation: you should keep both types in the kitchen! Plastic cutting boards may be preferable when cutting meat or poultry. For cutting vegetables or bread, be sure to go for a wooden chopping board.

The experts have one more piece of advice that you should never forget: keep your cutting board clean to avoid food contamination and infections caused by bacteria such as salmonella.
Plastic boards are apparently easy to wash, but you should be aware that microorganism tend to remain in the tiny indents created by the knife and proliferate.
Wooden boards are porous but almost all laboratory test would show low bacteria content on the surface of a wooden cutting board. Is it just because the bacteria penetrate inside as opposed of staying on the surface?
It may be, not all wooden boards are the same. You can span from walnut, bamboo laminated boards, cherry or japanese hinoki. Of course the experts recommend the hinoki wood as its natural bactericidal property offers the best guarantee for the hygiene of your cutting board.
Hinoki products are used as a base for many disinfectants used in hospitals, especially for preventing nosocomial infections. As a matter of fact hinoki oil is one of the few treatments for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other resilient patogens!

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