ofuro do not include the piping or fitting so you will be free to choose the faucet with your architect

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finishing & packing

Japanese tub finishing Japanese tub finishing

The inside and outside of the bath-tub is planed by hand to obtain a silky smooth surface.We do not need sealants or any chemical product.


ofuro fittings

We attach accessories, the drain fitting if requested and apply our iron brand. Please look in the details section for how to personalize your tub. At this stage we also take pictures of the tub and send to you by e-mail for your review and approval.

ofuro packing

The bathtub is protected with airproof wrapping: this is important to preserve the natural humidity of wood during shipment.


ofuro shipping

The hinoki tub and accessories are prepared for shipment in custom built sturdy non-coniferous wood boxes. We arrange the shipment (air or sea-freight) according to your preference and size of box.

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