Bartok design hinoki wood spa tub can be customized as per your needs with covers and benches.

tub cover & bench

hot tub Japanese tub cover

The traditional tub cover consists of thin separated planks of wood. This type is easy to store as the planks can be piled up. When the lid is used to prevent the water from cooling down (which is the normal use in Japan) planks tend to warp overtime. It is a common practice to use them upside-down alternatively to prevent the warping.


hottub Japanese bath lid

We can also propose a lid in 2 pieces with handles. (easier to use but takes more space when stored) This will be more costly.
Design and propostions are arranged to have a nice balance with the tub. But first of all ask yourself: do I really need a tub cover?

Japanese tub bench

11 - BENCH
If required, we can equip the tub with an internal bench. This is recommended only for tubs that are enough deep or enough long. The bench should be fixed otherwise it would float. It is not reccomendable to use removable planks/benches inside the tub as it would definately scrath the bottom and walls of the tub, besides originating rot on the edges of the sit.


hot tub ofuro removable bench

Overwhelmed by many requests, we can now propose a removable type bench. We have 2 wooden lateral guides and a thick plank as a seat. The plank has some play to allow for natural dilatation and shrinking of wood. 2 plugs with chains prevent the seat from floating...

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