asnaro ofuro for the renovation of the 2nd floor bathroom of a terrace house in Singapore

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asnaro tub for a Singapore terrace house

The client is renovating a two-story terrace house in Singapore and choose a japanese wooden bathtub for himself and his family.
We hope they can enjoy it everyday!

The tub has copper plates joints both at the front and back (option.)

Here are the main specs:
material: knotless asnaro wood (AB grade)
sizes: L1180mm x W750mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
details: copper apron, copper plate joints. Iron brand at front top-right.
options: removable internal seat (W350mm)
accessories: Asnaro wood wall mounted spout A


The drain fitting is not installed and we supplied it separately.
(standard-long type socket / rubber plug)


The spout can be opened easily for maintenance and cleaning.


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