roomy hinoki bathtub with ledges to perfectly match the room size. The material was selected to match the tub grain.

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ofuro with ledges for a japan-lover

This tub was attentively designed by the owner. He has been in Japan several times and supplied us with pictures and videos to explain the image he wanted to achieve.
We were also glad to help him finding some door hardware he is planning to import from japan.
For japanese interiors fans, let me also recommend you to visit the site of Sugatsune USA, ( the american branch of the largest japanese construction hardware maker.

The tub is in attentively selected straight grain hinoki. It will be installed raised on blocks to allow cleaning under the tub with a slim type mop. The gap will be hidden by the sunoko grating in front, which will also act as a low step to facilitate entering the tub.

The tub will have built in ledges on the sides. We supplied the material, slightly longer than the room dimension so it can be cut to size on site.


The tub was ordered with a spherical type drain plug (which confirms the clients` passion for details!)

Here are the specs:
material: japanese Knotless (quartersawn) Hinoki wood bathtub
sizes: L1370mm x W750mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 580mm(deep)
design: copper apron, wooden dowels. Iron brand at front top-right

Hinoki wood "Sunoko" floor grate panel,
laminated panels in hinoki wood for ledges
Kouya-maki stool (300x170x200H)
Sawara wood  large bucket(230D 120H)

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