ofuro for a New York state home. Imagine being surrounded by aromatic wood while contemplating the natural landscape.

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hinoki bathroom unit for Catskill

This is as close as you can get to a real all-hinoki japanese wet room.
The ofuro is on the end wall in front of a large window, I assume the window is offering a stunnning view.
The tub has 2 ledges to fit seamlessly in the wall and a large 4-panels duckboard floor.


Hinoki wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
Dimensions are: L1400mm x W750mm x H640mm (ext. dim.) 565mm (deep) .
The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
Accessories include custom built in ledges, traditional wood cover, full room floor grating panels, spout bathroom accessories (soap box, stools, buckets).

Here is the detail of the spout. The lid is removable for maintenance/cleaning.

The corner joint is made in such a way that the water cannot reach the head of the planks (cut perpendicular to the wood veins) which is more vulnerable to water.


And here is the detail of the joint construction.


It is a bit difficult to guess from this photo, but we also made a coordinated hinoki sink. Please remember not to use soap, unless you want to urethane coat it...


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