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singapore rowhouse ofuro

Yes, we had two orders from Singapore in one month!
Do you know that is becoming very trendy to renovate a traditional Singapore row house (e.g. the Joo Chiat district) ?
Well, this elegantly proportioned soaking tub will be used in such a project and I am sure it will do its part in adding up originality and charm to the interior.


Hinoki wood tub AB grade (with sharp corners detail)
Dimensions are: L1100mm x W710mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 650mm (deep) .
The bottom of the tub is finished with a natural oil and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
There is also a matching hinoki wooden stool.

The layout was not 100% defined yet so we used completely knotless A grade hinoki on the 4 sides. This way the tub does not have a "back side" and can be orientated in any direction.

The client was not keen on our standard rubber plug, so we supplied a spherical plug (option). The design is pleasant and it will fit the drain hole at any angle!


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