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Q #22

We are looking into your tubs for a remodel in the state of New York in the US. The building inspector has told us that the tub needs to have ASME plumbing approval (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Do the tubs meet this standard? Can they be made to?

A #22

Thank you for your interest in our hinoki products.
Sorry, we do not have an ASME sticker. We had 2 cases in the past of exports to Canada requiring a CSA sticker. I think that the client explained the details and could convince the inspector.
This is the first case I hear of such a requirement for the US.
You should keep the line that a hinoki tub is not a hygenical fixture (bathtub), it is rather a health equipment (soaking tub). We are at your disposability, should you have any problem.

UPDATE 2009/1/1
We had two more cases in the US of the building department requiring ASME approval. (California and NY State). In both cases it was explained that the tub is for soaking (like a hot tub) and not for washing. This solved the problem.

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