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insurance and guarantee

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For the insurance I understand from your webpage that for transportation the stuff is insured and it needs to be checked within a certain period after arrival.
And there is a 1year guarantee on manufacturing work, guess this means cases where eg. dowels break or cases like that?

A #57

Shipping insurance: as you say, it is included, in case there is any problem just be sure to report it asap. Just for your reference, until now we did not have one single damage report.

Guarantee: please note that we cannot provide a guarantee on hinoki tubs.
The wood is very sensitive to environmental conditions and we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by dryness, mold or detergents.
We will do our best to assist with any problem, but are simply not able to implement the conditions for a guarantee on the product.

Of course if there is a construction problem or execution miss we will repair or replace the tub.
Please note that in over 12 years (201 tubs delivered worldwide) we replaced one tub (non compatible water-repellent) and repaired one (dead knot).

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